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We raise registered Kiko, Nigerian Dwarf, and Alpine goats.  We also have various crossbreed goats at times.  Our girls started raising goats as part of 4-H.  Our goats are treated different from many goat breeders. Mom was raising horses and working with them long before we were married and has used some of the same management techniques. This means that most of our goats are trained to stand with a lead and are often fed separately just like a horse would be. All of the goats have daily access to pasture and graze with the horses. They are brought in each night to feed and then stay in pens until morning to protect them from coyotes.




Our daughter Alex also has a small herd along with chickens and some other items.



At this time, we have sold all of the Kiko breeding stock doelings. We will have some meat whethers ready late July or August. 



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