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Welcome to B B Goats. We raise Alpine, Kiko and Nigerian Dwarf goats. We got into goats through our daughters 4H experience. Mandi became interested in goats in 2009. She researched different goats and chose Kikos because of their ease of kidding and good mothering reputation. We purchased her first goat that fall. Alex watched and enjoyed the goats. After a year she asked if she could get some goats, but she did not want to do meat goats. She researched and chose the Nigerian Dwarf goat. She got her first goats in 2011. Through the years they traded goats and through showing dairy showmanship Mandi decided that she needed a full sized dairy goat. After research she chose Alpines. Now you know how we got to where we are. Of course there have been some crossbreds and unregistered animals along the way. We are constantly trying to improve the quality of the entire herd. Alex is now married and starting her own family and trying to decide what she wants to do woth her herd. What we have on the website is a combination of everyone's goats. We will try to be very clear about who to contact on each goat so that you do not feel like you are getting shuffled from one person to another.

Alpine Does (2018)


            GCH Puckett's Tt Sister Jessieta 1*M 
                            DoB: May 18,2011.
    Bred to Montage Beaujolais Monseiur for May 2018 kids.


            Puckett's Vvg Caramel Kiss     
                                                                                                   DoB: May 30, 2013
                                                                                    Bred to Montage Beaujolais Monseiur for 2018.
                                                                                           Kidded on May 15, 2018,  buckling.


                                Puckett's CC Wilda                
                                    DoB: June 5, 2013

                                      B B Goats MBM Bijuu                                            For Sale
                                                                                                     DoB: May 16, 2017                                                   $325

                                                                                              B B Goats MBM Fantastic Melodies  
                                                                                                   DoB: May 29,2017

                                                                                              B B Goats Maid Marian MBM
                                                                                                   DoB: May 26, 2018

Nigerian Dwarf Does (2018)


                                     B B Goats Wild Gypsum Rose
                                          DoB: May 18, 2012    
                                      Bred to RP Sir Walter Scott.  
                                 Twin bucklings born on May 11, 2018.

                                      B B Goats Miss Kitty    
                                          DoB: March 13,2012    
                               Bred to RP Farm Sir Walter Scott.  
                             Twin doelings born on May 17, 2018.



                                           B B Goats 3rd X's a Charm
                                                DoB: March 10, 2013
                                 *2015 Grand Champion Nigerian Dwarf Senior Doe
                                                    Kansas State Fair*
                                        Bred to Parrish Farms Matter of Time
                                            Doeling born on April 25, 2018.

                                        B B Goats Miss Honeydew
                                             DoB: Feb22, 2014


B B Goats Angelus Aureus
DoB: March 27, 2015.
2 doelings and 1 buckling born on May 10, 2018

B B Goats Shogi
DoB: April 11, 2015.
Bred to Parrish Farms Matter of Time
2 bucklings and 1 doeling born on May 12, 2018

Lil Bleats Charmin You All
DoB: April 15, 2016.

Nigerian Jr Does

B B Goats PG Jumanji
DoB: March 30, 2017.

B B Goats MoT Carbon Copy
DoB: April 9, 2017.

B B Goats Bambi SWS                                                                          
DoB: May 17, 2017.                                                                                 SOLD

B B Goats Cantrip MoT
DoB: May 10, 2018.

B B Goats Kaylee                                                                                     For Sale
DoB: May 12, 2018                                                                                    SOLD    

B B Goats Miss Marple MoT
DoB: May 10, 2018.

B B Goats Milkyway SWS                                                                       
DoB: May 17, 2018.                                                                                   SOLD

Contact information: Amanda Becker 316-201-8698
                                  Corky Becker  316-680-0142
                                  Alex Schaffer  316-201-8788
Visit our Facebook Page: BB Goats: Kikos, Nigerian dwarfs, and cafts