Reserved: Alex & Joseph’s Livestock
Joseph and I got married during the summer of 2017.  I had to slim down drastically on the goats I had and back out of the show circuit for work and responsibilities.  I have been able to go slightly different directions though now.  
I also crochet, draw, paint, and learning to sew clothing and household items.  If you are interested in something along those lines check out my Facebook page here:

Contact Us:
Leon, Ks

2019 Kids:
1/2/19: Jasmine had twins, BB Goats K Caramel Latte (doe) and Licorice (buck).

Goats for sale:
None currently, please check back in a few months

Birds or Eggs for Sale:
Currently our birds aren’t laying much, hopefully with warmer weather we will have fresh eggs available.


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For my craft projects

BB Goats PG Candied Jasmine







Caramel Candy





IK Caprines Kennzy


B B Goats MoT Miss Marple







We currently have one pair of breeding Rouen ducks that we bought as ducklings spring 2018. 



to contact Alex Schaffer by email