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This has been a good year for the Kiko kids. We have over thirty kids on the ground along with a few accidental crossbreds.  We have one alpine/Kiko doeling and two Kiko/Nigerian Dwarf kids. The Kiko/Nigerians have already been sold pending payment and they continue to weaning age. We are tentatively planning to sell all of the little boys for butcher. We will be watching them as they grow out and make final decision if any show prospect as buck by the sixty-day mark.  We are planning at this point to sell the doelings as breeding stock with the same idea of making the final decision if they are worthy at the ninety-day mark. This has been the first kidding season where both of our girls are gone. Alex is married and living at her own place and Amanda is working on her master’s degree down at Baylor/Truett Seminary in Waco, so mom and I are left to deal with the goats.

I will not be posting pictures of the little boys at this time because they may be just for butcher. As they grow, if some show promise we will update with their status. Here are some pictures of the doelings.


bbgoats Wild Gypsum Rose has 2 bucklings and 1 doeling, their was a mistake in the graphic below.


Baretta: the grey one is doeling other one is a buckling

This is one of our older does,Blue again a buck and a doe

Catharsis also had a buck and a doe. she is one of the younger crossbred does with a really big frame.

Erin had twins. The brown one is a doe.

NOt a real good picture but this is Kanna with her trips. The white with black spot on the back is a little doe.Just a couple hours old maybe

This would be Lisanna with her little doe. Hadn't even had time to clean it yet but had it on a wooden platform to get out of the sand.

This is Tikki's doe. Tikki is also a big bodied doe.

Here is Subaki with a pair of does. Maybe minutes old when this was taken.